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Does This Cause Cancer

1. Artificial Sweeteners

There's no proof that these sugar standins raise your risk of cancer. There hasn't been a cancer warning level on it since 2000. Study of aspartame in people found no link either.

2. X-rays

Your dentist covers you in a lead blanket for a reason. Even low doses of x-rays raises chances of getting cancer, but only by a small amount. In general,the higher the dose of radiation,the more the risk. But there's no amount of this kind of radiation that's totally safe.

3. Cell Phones

This gadget, which you keep near all the time, gives the same type of energy as microwave oven. So far it hasn't been linked to cancer.

4. Meat

Whether it's processed, or red, you need less of it in your life. Just one hotdog a day could boost your chances of getting colon cancer. Luncheon,meats, cold cuts,and hotdogs all have preservatives called nitrites, which cause cancer.

5. Bottled Water

If your bottle is clear plastic, it may contain bisphenol A(BPA). This chemical is used in food and drink containers (except for baby bottles), dental sealants and other products. BPA is safe at current levels found in food. If you're concerned avoid canned foods and drinks in clear plastic. For hot food,use glass or steel instead.

6. Dental Fillings

Don't call the dentist to have your metal fillings removed and replaced. Experts say Your current ones are safe. There's no found link between fillings with mercury and cancer,or any other disease.

7. Coffee

If you feel your day doesn't really starts until you've had a shot of caffeine, you'll love this. Research shows that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (around four cups daily) lessen the risk of some types of cancer, among to them liver, prostate, uterus,and some mouth and throat cancer.

8. Deodorant and Antiperspirant

There are no large studies that support the claims that deodorant or antiperspirant can cause breast cancer. Deodorant blocks the smell and antiperspirant stops sweat. Many uses chemicals that act like estrogen hormone,which causes cancer cells to grow. These include benzylparaben,butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben.

9. Household Products

Many pesticides,paint, varnishes and waxes give off gases known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So do some, cleaning,cosmetic, and automotive. These gases have been linked to cancer in humans and animals. To cut your risk choose products labeled low-voc and biodegradable when possible.

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