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Signs Of Hiv Particularly In Men

We should treat well our bodies well, this is to ensure we are safe form any infections like Hiv and any other diseases. We should also abstain from unnecessary activities that can cause harm to our bodies. HIV is an acronym for Human Immuno Deficiency Virus. This virus continues to be a great global public health issue and has claimed up to 36.3 million lives so far. And it is highly spreading over the world. The majority of people are adults.

HIV has no cure once it has proven scientifically, however, with the increasing accessibility of effective HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and health care, including for opportunistic infections, HIV infection has become a chronic health condition that can be managed, enabling people living with HIV to lead long and stay healthy.

People can contract HIV through contact with bodily fluids such as:

1. contamination of blood from one person to another through accidents or it can be through touch open wounds.

2. Semen and which is common for those with sex habits. Be careful since you may be infected.

3. Vaginal and rectal fluids can also be the cause area through sex.

5. Breast milk hence this affects the majority of newborn babies from infected parents when a baby is breastfeeding.

Anyone infected with HIV usually experiences certain symptoms that can cause the following effects particularly in men:

1. Muscle ache:

HIV infection sometimes leads to joint and muscle pain, along with inflammation of joints and soft tissues around your joints. The virus can enter the fluid inside your joints and cause painful reactions. HIV can also lead to pain, inflammation, or long-term joint damage to degenerate.

2. Persistent migraines:Research conducted on 200 patients with HIV has shown that 53 percent reported headache symptoms, with 95 percent of these linked with a primary headache syndrome (migraine or tension headache). So be aware that signs like this can be a cause.

3. Sore throat:

Patients who have HIV infection develop sore throat similar to infectious mononucleosis.

4. Night sweats

Night sweat is usually experienced by people with HIV since their body works harder to repair itself during periods of deep sleep.

5. Fever

People who have HIV infection will likely begin to experience symptoms of HIV within two to four weeks after contracting the virus. Continuous fevers may be the first symptoms they experience. Once you begin to experience these 5 symptoms ensure to visit your doctor for immediate medical care.

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HIV Human Immuno Deficiency Virus


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