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Nowhere To Hide In India As This Deadly Plant Kills Several Covid-19 Victims In Hospital

A deadly fungus infection has stormed different hospitals in India killing several Covid-19 patients who had been admitted in this hospitals in order to receive treatment.


According to the reports given by the Indian ministry of health, they have revealed that thousands of patients have already started developing the deadly fungus infections in the past few weeks since it started getting into this hospitals.

Reports have it that among all of these patients, some of the have already succumbed to the infections which they revealed is currently spreading in most of the hospitals in India at an alarming rate which the government has considered as another threat in the midst of Covid-19 crisis.

However, while reacting to this Incident, a couple of Indian doctors have called upon the government to make sure they try and contain this deadly virus because according to them, it might get out of hand and start killing several people.

They went ahead and revealed that the deadly fungus is currently being caused by some of the medicines which are being given to patients in this hospitals which according to them is increasing the number of its growth by providing a conducive environment.

This is happening at the same time when the government of India has declared covid a national pandemic due to the increasing number of Covid-19 infections and so due to this reason, they have urged all citizens to make sure they do all theu can to reduce this infections.

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