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10 Things You Should Never Do Anytime You Are Fasting

1. Drinking water in place of food 

When fasting, this is a frequent blunder that most individuals commit. When a person is fasting, their body may become uncomfortably dehydrated as a result of the lack of food. 

If you're going to drink water, do so in moderation, especially if you're fasting. It's all part of learning to control your physical self-discipline. 

2.Fruits that are high in acidity, such as lemons and limes

This is yet another blunder to avoid, especially if you're fasting. Foods high in acidity, especially when consumed on an empty stomach, can be deadly. If you're on a fast, steer clear of citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples. If its acidity damages the stomach linings, it might lead to digestive issues.

3. Don't eat hard foods to break your fast. 

It is common for someone who has gone through a prolonged period of fasting to feel the want to overeat to make up for the lack of food they have been consuming. In order to let your stomach adjust, eat some light items quickly and even stay in the same place for four hours or more. In other words, go at a leisurely pace. 

4.resentment or malice in one's heart 

Another thing you should never do while fasting is eat while you're fasting. In order to get through this time, you need to be at peace with everyone. Don't get into any fights with anyone during the fasting period, including your adversaries. These are just some of the reasons why God won't answer our requests during fasting, according to Isaiah 58.

5. The inability to forgive 

Don't hold grudges against people who have harmed you in the past, or those who will do so in the future, while fasting. God will not answer your heart's petitions if you are unforgiving. 

6. Having a hard time coping 

While the concept of "sinning" is vast, it takes on added significance for those who are fasting. Don't do silly things like lying to people since that could sour your relationship with God. 

7.You're having an argument with your spouse 

A husband and wife should be at peace, according to the book of 1 Peter 3:7. When a person is fasting, it becomes much more important. It's a good time to be modest and humble about your actions. The more you avoid disagreement with your spouse, the more time you have to devote to God.

8.Don't let yourself get carried away with the sex. 

Fasting is a time to focus on strengthening your body and gaining self-control. Do not engage in activities that gratify the senses rather than strengthen your strength while fasting. Even playing video games because you're bored during a fasting time isn't going to help you get through the day. It's time to develop the spiritual man and get rid of the physical one. 

9.meditating and not using words 

You can connect with God through the word and meditation during fasting. If you're on a hunger strike and don't have God's word, then you're doing nothing but harm. To discover God's intention and purpose for you during a fast, never think about anything other than the word of God. 

10. Fasting with no praying

When you're fasting, there is another thing you should avoid doing. It's like going on a diet if you don't eat or pray throughout your fast. If you want your fasting to be more effective, make sure you set aside time to pray. 

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