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Turning Kidneys Into Cash

According to Kenya Renal Association (KRA), about four million Kenyans are suffering from kidney disease and less than 10,000 of them are on dialysis.Do you know your kidney could be worth Sh12.57 million in the black market? Think twice before you sell your kidney to get some quick cash. Before you go abroad, where a sponsor has agreed to cater for costs, as well as pay you loads of money, be afraid. Due to poverty some Kenyans have willingly offered to sell their kidneys. The spread of illegal organ sales had gained momentum especially in the Internet where traffickers are ready to exploit the economic misery. University students and other jobless young men are major targets for the cartels that run the trade. The average price of a kidney on the black market is Sh12.57 million but the ‘donors’ get as little at Sh200,000 if they are luckily get out of the surgery room alive.

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