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New Ways To Prevent HIV Infecton

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a disease caused by a virus that targets and weakens the immune system of a human being by damaging CD4 T cells. When infected people do not take antiretroviral regimens (ARVs), their bodies become less effective at fighting off other diseases.

Simple ways to curb HIV infection:


A microbicide is a natural or manmade compound that can be put in an application on the female reproductive part to protect them against sexually transmitted diseases. In the olden days, lime or lemon juice was long-established as a traditional contraceptive. Improved technology and research have established that the juice can kill HIV infection. However, clinical tests should be administered before vaginal application of a microbicide.

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This practice that involves the removal of the inner foreskin on the penis needs to be promoted widely. Foreskin acts as the main entry of HIV infection to the penis. The susceptibility of the infection on men reduces as circumcision removes the tissue vulnerable to the infection of the deadly disease.


A photovoice is a visual method of research that aims to foster social change in society. People can create photographs with HIV/AIDS preventative measures for people to get more informed on the deadly disease.

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Post-coital hygiene.

This involves the cleaning of the penile with a natural microbicide immediately after social intercourse to kill the HIV virus from entering the human body.

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