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Relief As Preliminary Results Show That Kenyan Man Who Was Suspected Does Not Have Ebola

Rift Valley Fever outbreak: Kenya health workers look for 'Ebola-like'  symptomsOn Thursday, there was a first public instance of suspected Ebola illness, but the Ministry of Health in Nairobi said testing at one lab came back negative as reported by the Star newspaper.

A 15-minute PCR test is one of the diagnostic techniques that may be used to confirm Ebola virus infection.

An employee of the Government of Health in Nairobi stated, "One laboratory confirms the symptoms are not caused by Ebola virus," and added that the ministry will publish a statement after one more confirmation test.

Boaz Gichana, a subcounty disease surveillance coordinator from Mumias West in Kakamega county, reported the Busia case on Thursday.

Gichana had stated that the patient, a 32-year-old male from the Nambale, Busia hamlet of Kayoro, was passing blood in his urine.

He also showed signs of generalized bodily weakness and actively bled from an arm wound. Gichana noted that all other vital signs were normal.

The World Health Organization estimates that it takes two to 21 days from viral infection to the beginning of symptoms.

Fever, exhaustion, aches in the muscles, headaches, and sore throat are a few symptoms. Following them are nausea, diarrhea, dermatitis, deteriorated kidney and liver function, and, in certain circumstances, internal and external bleeding.

However, a conclusive lab test is necessary since numerous diseases such as Marburg fever, the flu, malaria and typhoid fever, can present with the same symptoms as EVD.

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