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7 Awesome Public Speaking Tips For Introverts

As an introvert, being nervous in public is a common thing we all know since most of them are not adducted to standing before crowd or socializing with many people. The tendency of being alone, makes them believe that being in front if a crowd is bit hectic or extremely awkward. However, nervousness, is not only experienced by introverts only but also extroverts though it is intense to introverts.

Public speaking as we all know, is an invaluable skill many people like students, teachers, leaders and others ought to have because it is obvious that one day you will have to stand and address a large group of people about something.

As we may think that public speaking is a simple task, but may people even the the greatest speakers experiences nervousness or fear when in front of an audience. However, this doesn’t mean that fear or nervousness cannot be eliminated. Having proper tips will make you overcome fear at vast.

In the list below, are tips that will help you overcome fear during public speaking.

1. When in front of an audience, you need to learn how to hood a smile that is natural and comfortable. Smiling is an indication that you are relaxed and feeling calm. 

2. Before introducing YoUr topic of the day, start by posing a question. This is the best way to engage your audience and will make your performance more live and exciting. 

3. Peppering anecdotes, facts and titbiting information, is another way to recess YoUr fear during public speaking. This helps to engage your audience to your talk by asking what their point of view is about a certain topic. 

4. When using information, always keep the information on each slide as short as possible. Besides that, make it sweet and appealing to the audience. This makes the audience love to hear you often. 

5. Use interactive and sweet language. You can also make something funny if and only if you are good in it in order to make your audience laugh. This can be achived by using humor and funny language during your talk.

6. Another best thing to eliminate fear during public speaking is by storytelling a story during your speech. The story will drive YoUr audience into another world and be keen listening at it. In so doing, you are attracting them to you and will love to hear you so soon. 

7. If you have the opportunity to meet YoUr audience, you can do so before your lecture. This make you familiarize with them and during speech, you will be standing fearless addressing people you already know. 

The art of public speaking should be cultivated and improved from now to then. As for introverts, their journey to public speaking is a bit tough for they have to learn how to stand in front of a crowd and be social with people. It takes time to cultivate by it is very possible for them to be great speakers at last since it is a skill that is acquired and not as a talent that one can be born with it naturally

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