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Easiest Weight Loss Method for both Men and Women

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In this day and age, primarily due to poor eating habits, many of us have gained weight in places that we do not want to have expand. Add this to the Coronavirus pandemic that has had us stuck working from home and having a constant flow of food at our disposal. The weight keeps coming on with little encouragement. If you want to lose that excess weight and regain or maintain your previous body size, follow the procedure below.

We've seen guavas being sold at the market, on our trees at home, or even at a neighbor's house. Did you know that the tree is packed with all the natural goodness you need to help you lose or maintain your weight?

How do guavas help you lose weight?

They prevent complex starches from being turned into sugars, which means guava tea helps prevent carbohydrates from turning into sugar, enabling you to suppress your appetite. Therefore by eating fewer calories, you will be able to shed off the extra kilos.

The best way to use guava for weight loss is to make it into a tea. The tea can either be made by using fresh or dried guava leaves. To maximize its benefits, take one cup in the morning on an empty breakfast and another cup of tea at night after dinner. You can choose one of the following processes to make your tea.

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Tea using fresh guava leaves

1.      Take 5-10 fresh guava leaves.

2.      Wash them thoroughly under running water; this is to get rid of any dirt or insects on the leaves.

3.      Measure two cups of water and boil the guava leaves for 10 min on low heat.

4.      You can add honey or stevia to taste.

Tea using dried guava leaves

If you harvested too many leaves, do not worry; you can dry and use them at a later time to be able to brew this delicious tea.

1.      Blend your dried guava leaves into a powder

2.      Put a teaspoon full of the guava leaf powder in a sieve over a cup

3.      Pour hot water in the cup, ensuring the guava powder is well covered, and let it steep for 10 minutes. You can use a plate to cover the cup to prevent the tea from cooling down excessively.

4.      Add your choice of sweetener and enjoy.

Take-Home: You can have more cups of tea as you are not limited to the two cups. In case you are sick and have diarrhea, please do not take the above tea. According to PubMed Central, guava leaf tea may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and possibly even cancer, but these benefits are still being evaluated

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