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Importance of papaya

Papaya originated from central America and it has many benefits such as:

1) Protects against heart diseases

Papaya contains high levels of antioxidant vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Presences of antioxidant reduce the risk of heart diseases by preventing oxidation of cholesterol.

Presences of fibre also reduce risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol level

2) Aids in digestion and reduce inflammation

Papaya contains enzyme papain and chymopapain which aids in digestion of protein and also reduce inflammation in helping acute pain like burns and chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis and asthma.

3) Boost immune system

Papaya are rich in vitamin C which is responsible for boosting immune system.

4) Protects against prostate cancer

Papaya are rich in lycopene which help reduce risk of prostate cancer.

5) Source of nutrients

Papaya are rich in nutrients such as folate, Vitamins, fibre, copper, magnesium and pantothenic acid which are essential for body development.

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