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Guidelines To Follow Even After Taking The Covid Vaccine

Following the report issued by the ministry of health concerning Covid-19 infections in our country is that the positivity rate has really gone down and now people should not be worried again as long as they continue to adhere to protocols laid down by the ministry of health. However, despite shortage of Covid-19 vaccines in our country, people should learn how to protect themselves by ensuring that they do the following things.

1. Eating balanced diet meal.

When we embrace eating of balanced diet meal everyday, our body will gain immunity which will enable the body to be strong enough in fighting diseases. Also the issue to with eating a lot of fruits is very necessarily in fighting diseases in our body and thus our body will be strong enough in also fighting Covid-19 infections.

2. Avoiding overcrowded places.

People should learn how to avoid places which are overcrowded as they prone to Covid-19 infections and other air bone diseases. If it is a must to be in an area that is overcrowded then Covid-19 protocols laid down by the ministry of health should be highly embraced.

Through this our country will be in a position to fight this pandemic even in absence of Covid-19 vaccines. Like if we can take an example of people being affected by Covid-19 infections and those recovering are still high even in absence of Covid-19 vaccines in our country.

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