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Be aware of Allergic Rhinitis

Sneezing, a runny nose, itching and watery eyes from allergic rhinitis are mostly caused by exposure to dust or pollen. There are several steps or remedies you can take to get rid of this problem. The most important things you can do in order to resist allergy rhinitis is to ensure that your immune system is strong. The signs and symptoms are just like those of cold but they aren't caused by infection. The immune system reacts to the allergy-causing substance and this results to inflammation and actually irritation.

There are different kind of allergic rhinitis that are seasonal namely pollen allergy or hay fever. This disturbing pollens come from trees, grass, pines and also flowers. Certain foods and environmental toxins are also troublemakers and cause issues.


√Strengthen your immune system by eating a healthy diet with foods that are rich in Vitamins B, Vitamin C and flavonoids too. Vitamin C supplements are also very important.

√Note that there is also seasonal allergic rhinitis. It's difficult to get rid of pollen grains completely, but actually you can minimize the impact of exposure to them. Be very careful before pollen allergy hits.

√ Eat natural honey containing wax cappings from the honeycomb cells. This provides resistance to plant - pollen that causes negative effects.

√Drink either a cup of ginger and lemon tea or rooibos tea in order to boost your immune system.

√ You can stay indoors and close windows especially very early in the morning during the peak time of pollen levels.

√Make sure your floor has a carpet and there is loose and laundered covers on your furniture. Let your mattresses and pillows be allergy- proof. Wash your beddings weekly using hot water if possible.

√Remove dust daily using vacuum cleaner. Avoid sweeping due to the negative effects of dust.

√ If possible use dry cleaner rather than washing and hanging clothes outside because when there is pollen, pores might stick to the fibres and cause allergy.

√You can apply petroleum jelly in and around your nostrils in order trap the pollen.

√Keep off from smoky places because polluted air can trap pollen.

√ Don't forget to close car windows. Keep air intakes closed.

√ Some cars have air conditioner therefore you must clean them regularly.

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Allergic Rhinitis


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