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Signs your kidneys are not working properly

It can be easy to be caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life so we rarely stop and think about what our body's are telling us. Our bodies actually sends us signals that there is something wrong.

Signs kidneys are not working properly:

(1) Trouble sleeping

Kidneys are responsible for removing toxins from the body through urine. When the kidneys aren't functioning correctly, those toxins remain in the body and blood. When there is too much toxins in the body, it can be hard to sleep. When you have trouble sleeping, it can be a sign of kidney problems and you may have to get yourself checked. Those with chronic kidney disease suffer from sleep apnea which is a condition where people stop breathing while sleeping for a few seconds at a time then normal breathing continues with a loud snore but it's still scary. If you or anyone you know is a heavy snorer, then you need to be checked by a doctor.

(2) Headaches, fatigue and general weakness

Red blood cells carry the oxygen to the body to keep you feeling energetic. The fewer blood cells you have, the more tired you feel. When the kidneys are healthy, they produce Vitamin D for healthy bones. If you start feeling very tired , you should see a doctor. It is common for people who suffer from chronic kidney disease to have anaemia which occur when one has twenty to fifty of normal kidney function. If you are getting enough rest and sleep but are still feeling tired or experiencing overall fatigue then see a doctor.

(3)Dry itchy skin

The presence of itchness may be a sign of kidney's inability to keep the necessary balance of fluids and nutrients. This mineral deficiency can led to Bone disease. If you feel itchy,try to stay hydrated. Don't try to take any medicine before seeing a doctor.

(4)Bad breath and a metallic taste in the mouth

When there is too much waste in the blood, it creates a metallic taste which will affect how the food tastes. Bad breath is also a sign of toxins and other contamination in the blood. High level of toxins makes alot of people lose appetite in general especially for meat. A decrease in appetite leads to unhealthy weight loss. There are a lot of reasons why food may have a metallic taste from allergies to poor oral health. Normally, the metallic taste should go away when the assumed cause has been eliminated. If the taste doesn't go away , consult a doctor.

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