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Overview of cluster B, C and A personality disorders

Cluster B personality disorder is characterized by seeming emotional, dramatic or unpredictable. It includes the following personality disorders, each with its discerning features:

Narcissistic: Lack of empathy, need to be admired and an inflated view of self-worth.

Antisocial: Social responsibility, disregard for others and manipulation for others for personal gain..

Borderline: Inner emptiness, fear of being abandoned in relationships, unstable relationships , impulsive behavior and having problems controlling emotions.

Histrionic: Attention seeking and dramatic behavior.

Cluster C is characterized by appearing anxious or fearful. It includes the following personality disorders:

Avoidant: Avoidance of interpersonal contact due to fear of rejection.

Dependent: Submissiveness and dependency (due to a need to be taken care of)

Obsessive- compulsive: Perfectionism, rigidity and obstinacy

Cluster A is characterized by appearing eccentric. It includes the following personality disorders:

Paranoid: Suspicion and mistrust is common.

Schizoid: One shows disinterest in others.

Schizotypal: eccentric ideas and behaviour is perceived.

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