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9 Harmful Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Skipping it may result to harmful health effects. Here are some of the harmful effects of skipping a breakfast.

1. Bad for your health- Men who skip breakfast have many chances of sustaining a heart attack compared to who eat it. People who avoid breakfast are also known to have increased susceptibility to hypertension which leads to clogging of arteries.

2. Higher risk of diabetes- According to a study conducted by Harvard University, women who have the habit of avoiding breakfast are at a risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women who have their breakfast.

3. Causes weight gain- People who miss breakfast have high chances of gaining weight. This is because skipping breakfast causes intense hunger that will make you end up eating up whatever you come across during the day. The higher the hunger, the more the quantity of food will be.

4. Negative impact on food and energy levels- Avoiding breakfast will swish down your energy levels and impact your memory loss.

5. Risk of cancer- Skipping breakfast can make you overindulge in food during the day which paves way for increased prevalence of obensity. People who are obese have increased risk of developing cancer.

6. Affects cognitive functioning- Including breakfast in your diet regimen bestows you with better cognitive functioning.

7. Can cause migraine- Skipping meals trigger a dip in sugar levels which leads to low glucose levels. This increases blood pressure levels, triggering migraines and headaches.

8. Triggers hair loss- Skipping breakfast or taking a breakfast with low levels of protein affects the levels of keratin which triggers hair loss.

9. Could affect your metabolism- People who eat breakfast have a higher level of resting metabolism. You need breakfast to give your metabolism a jump start.

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