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Trending Now. "You are what you eat" by Dr. Kate Kibarah CEO Kate's Organic Limited.

Food is an important aspect of human life. It makes man to have strength hence improving the immune system of the body. Improved immune strength assist the body to fight disease that invades human health.

Speaking with Citizen TV yesterday night, Dr. Kate Kibarah who is the CEO of Kate's Organic Limited reminded people they have choices of what to eat, whether they took Biology or not.

"In the 21st Century you know many things are changing, weather, food system, farming system, so when we talk about the topic ' you are what you eat' it simply mean whatever food in your plate is what determines your life are you living healthy or not" She said.

CEO Kate also reminded people the body is made of cells which make organs. The cells must be fed on the right food, oxygen, water and exercise for their thrive.

Dr. Kate advised Kenyans to eat organic food as they don't have more fats compared to inorganic foods. The organic food helps in improving health.

During the interview, Dr. Kate reiterated that in this generation research indicate men are dying younger six years earlier compared to women. It is not because God planned that way but depends on food taken has reduced the lifespan of people specifically men.

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