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"Stop Telling Me to Give up on My Daughter, I Will Never Give up on Her" Mother Painfully Pleads

It's sad when a parent is trying to save her/his child's life and instead of people encouraging and giving hope they only discourage someone and this is what has been happening to Ruth who has been having an ailing daughter.

The story of Ruth's baby by the name Neillah has been trending online for a while now. Baby Neillah was born with a Spinal Muscular Atrophy and since she is past three years, the most world's expensive drug might not work on her.

The doctors had informed Ruth that her daughter would not get to two years something that discouraged her but she is now three years and still alive although she is not getting any better.

Ruth claims at some point she had started gaining weight where the doctors adviced that they should reduce the amount of food she was taking not knowing that would be the beginning of another disaster.

Neillah's muscles have weakened and the only solution they have is only to put her in a ventilator to expand her life span till a miracle happens.

Neillah's parents have vowed never to give up on their daughter no matter the situation. They have gone ahead asking for help from well wishers to help them get a ventilator for Neillah and also clear hospital bills.

If you wish to help baby Neillah click here

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