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5 Tricks That Will Help You Get Away From Awkward Situations

Place your thumb in your mouth and blow to stop hiccups

This is a solution that you can try to involves a bottle of water, plug your ears and start drinking water. However, you must be careful not to swallow too much. There is also another method, where you can try is to bring your knees to your chest and hug them for 2 minutes. You can also place gentle pressure on each side of the nose while swallowing.

Look up and hold your breath to stop your tears

This is considered to be a helpful tip when you feel sensitive but don’t want people to see your tears, for example, like in a movie theatre. Look up and hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then slowly exhale and you should feel better.

If you start to feel anxious just before an important event, try to tighten all your muscles

It is normal to feel stressed just before an important event, but it can also make you absent-minded. Try squeezing all the muscles of your face, shoulders, and arms. Сlench your hands into a fist and relax. Take a deep breath and now you’re ready to act.

Press your tongue against your teeth to prevent an unwanted sneeze

Is some scenario where you are at a meeting and suddenly feel like you want to sneeze but you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, simply use your tongue. Tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue for about 5 to 10 seconds and the urge to sneeze will subside. You can as well try pressing your tongue hard against your 2 front teeth.

Scratch your ear to stop a tickle in your throat

Most of us have experienced a tickling sensation in our throats, which can seem like a small inconvenience but once it starts, this feeling can be very annoying and keep you from concentrating on other things. But the next time this happens, try to scratch your ear so that its nerves get stimulated. This trivk helps to cause a muscle spasm that relieves the tickling.

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