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Why You Should Start Sleeping On Your Back

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Different people have many sleeping positions that they put into use every night but according health experts, there are some that you should avoid. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people should sleep on their backs but most people avoid it because they think it is uncomfortable. Based on its benefits it is a sleeping position that everyone should adopt. Also called supine sleeping, back sleeping helps you by reducing headaches got at night from bad sleeping positions, reducing sinus congestion and allowing you to breathe easily, decreasing irritation on the face and maintaining the spine in the best position. 

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Though you can also consider sleeping on your side it is uncomfortable and most people usually do it wrong by failing to put a pillow around their waist. This makes supine sleeping the most comfortable and cheap position. 

To be safe you should avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs because it is the worst. Imagine standing or sitting and looking having your head turned to one direction for several hours. You don’t want to subject yourself to that dangerous position that can harm your spine and neck. 

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Sleeping on your back is healthy as it assumes the standing posture and gives your body the rest it needs. With the right mattress, this is the best sleeping position that one should adopt as it relaxes the whole body without straining the spine or the neck. When sleeping on your back you should have your hands at the sides and you will prevent any discomfort when you wake up. 

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