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How Smoking Could Make You Infertile

Shisha and cigar smoking is a trending addiction in today's society. Shisha is basically a type of equipment that has a water pipe that allows a person to smoke tobacco with multiple flavours such as chocolate, orange, cherries and others.

Most people assume that Shisha is less harmful compared to cigarettes but that is assumption is false.

Shisha device works through burning charcoals that ultimately burns the tobacco mixture and heat the water within the equipment leading to generation of tobacco smoke from the water pipe into the mouthpiece. This tobacco can have health effects your fertility especially in males.

A research on the effects of smoking on male fertility indicated that male smokers had decreased make fertility that affected the sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology.

Shisha and Cigarettes exposes your body to harmful carbon monoxide that lowers oxygen carrying capacity making it hard for the heart to pump the blood effectively.

Smoking may also cause complications in the lungs subsequently causing pulmonary diseases and bronchitis. The chances of getting cancer also increases as you absorb toxins in the body.

Smoking leads to narrowing of arteries as well as arteriosclerosis where the fatty component accumulate within the arteries leading to narrowing of arteries. These congestion may cause heart failure.

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