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The African Country Exporting Face Mask to Europe

Wearing of face masks in the current days is now compulsory especially when one is in the general public regardless of the country, religion or even continent, this is due to the presence of the Corona virus which was first reported in a Chinese city known as Wuhan, the face masks prevent the spread of the virus by preventing one from breathing in contaminated saliva from an infected person.

Ethiopia has used the advantage of shortage of the face masks in Europe and USA to start a massive face mask production company in the Hawassa Industrial Park that makes masks which are exported to Europe and USA.

The country has so far earned a total of $114 million from the export and also lead to the creation of thousands of jobs to it's people, other African countries should follow the steps and make sure that they utilize each and every opportunity that arise.

Content created and supplied by: Kevin.d (via Opera News )

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