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Coronavirus Situation Worsens In Italy

Italy is currently the country with the highest number of deaths and confirmed new cases from the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. The country has so far reported 4,825 deaths which is the highest number recorded worldwide. While the coronavirus new cases decline in China, the origin of the pandemic, the number of new confirmed cases in Italy keep increasing daily. In the past 24 hours, Italy has reported 6,557 new cases and 793 deaths from Coronavirus.

The situation in Italy seems to be getting worse as people are dying in hundreds daily and thousands of new cases confirmed daily. The country reports to have ran out of space in crematoriums as the current ones are already filled up with dead bodies. Netizens worldwide have come out on twitter to rally behind Italy with the hashtag #Italystaystrong to encourage the country to keep fighting the disease. In one incident posted on twitter, a medical personnel is seen breaking down in tears due to the worsening situation as a colleague encourages him to soldier on with the fight against Coronavirus.

Here are some of the messages of hope posted on twitter in solidarity with Italy:

Troll Memes: Most heartbreaking Pic...! #Italy 793 death in 24 hours.! No words pray for Italy Flag of Italy take it Series #COVID19outbreak

Lemah kudate #italystaystrong: From Kenya I stand with Italy. Let remember Italy in prayer.

Mutua: God remember Italy Flag of Italy. During this epidemic #italystaystrong.

Dickson Khisa: Italy you're in our thoughts and prayers. We shall overcome. #italystaystrong.

Syed mohsin bukhari: I am from Pakistan and I tell every person in the world to support Italy and pray for them to help them and to end this disease. #italystaystrong.

Mir Ahmad Riaz: God is with you be strong. #italystaystrong.

Military tracks are being used to ferry dead bodies to crematoriums which are already full to capacity. The country has already enforced a lockdown and other strict measures to control the spread of corona virus. The Italian Prime Minister is seen in tears as this pandemic continues to claim the lives of his Citizens.

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