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5 Foods That Cleanse Your Blood Naturally & You Should Normalize Eating

Blood is one of the essentials in our bodies. We need to keep our blood clean. Today we have a look at the types of foods that naturally cleanse blood.

1)Lemon. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamins C, which is great for the blood. Vitamins and minerals in lemon helps detoxify your blood and overall body system.

2) Turmeric. Turmeric generates red blood cells. It is a natural healer that help fight inflammation. It has curcumin that helps fight problems in the body.

3)Water. One of the most commonest and simplest natural blood purifiers. Water expells all the harmful chemicals and toxins in your body and help the organs function well.

4) Jaggery. It is unrefined sugar that has fiber that helps cleanse the digestive system,prevents constipation and expels waste from the body. The iron helps restore haemoglobin levels and keep healthy blood flowing in the body.

5) Broccoli. One of the best natural blood purifiers that helps remove toxins from the blood. The antioxidants help detoxify the blood and boost immune system.

Taking care of our bodies is our responsibility. I hope you include this foods in your diet. Share to your friends.

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