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Signs of Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the deadly diseases that larger percentage of women suffer from and it is caused by many factors depending on someone's lifestyle.

Basically all types of cancers are treatable depending on the stage it is upon discovery as the early stages of cancers can be managed and treated but the only problem usually arises as many women ignore some simple signs that are normally shown on early stages.

In this article i am going to depict some of those signs that one might realise.

(1)Loss of weight and fatigue

A woman can easily lose a lot of weight based on different mechanism.In a condition where the body tries to fight an infection,white blood cells count increases and as a result red blood cells count decreases leading to anaemia which causes loss of appetite hence weight loss and fatigue.

(2)Difficulty in urination

Stinging sensation while urinating is one of the sign of cervical cancer during early stages and not only pain while urinating but also other discomforts such as change of frequency and discolouration can also be realised as cervical cancer affects female genitalia.These signs should never be ignored in any case.

(3)Uncomfortable sex

As a result of genitalia being affected,sex can be a hard task to perform as the pain radiates in the genitalia. Painful sex can be attributed to swelling and discomfort caused by the infection as well as other medical conditions associated.So,upon realising the same you should not hesitate but instead go for screening.

(4)Pain in the pelvis

Pain and cramps in women is an unusual discomfort that renders them look dizzy and sick but to this case,these signs might be of cervical cancer and should never be taken for granted.If this complication goes on for a longer time than usual,you must look for medical attention.

(5)Abnormal bleeding

Abnormal bleeding is one of the most common among the early onset symptoms following sexual intercourse or between menstrual cycle and this should never be ignored as it signals trouble.Foul smelling and irregular looking discharge especially if it is increased in its output than the normal can be an indicator for the early stage of cervical cancer so,everyone must take care.

Be careful and avoid ignoring some of the symptoms to be in a safe side.Thank you for going through the article and kindly share.

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