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Cost of DNA in Kenya, How and Facilities that Offer The Test.

DNA in full is know as deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is the hereditary in humans and most organisms in Earth. It's stored as a code made up of four chemical basses known as Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and thymine.picture courtesy

Most people in the country do DNA test for a number of reasons like regards to inheritance and child maintenance cases.The test was introduced in the country fews years ago and it gain fame everyday.


Different test centers have various costs of DNA. The minimum amount the test costs for one person is 10,000. Which means if the test is done between son and father the overall cost is 20,000 since each person is charged 10,000. This cost also depends on the type of test if the test is complex the costs are high compared to simple test.

Types of DNA tests

1. Sibling text

2 . Partenity test

3. Infidelity test

4. Prenatal DNA

5. Ancestry test

6. Legal DNA test

7. Family relationship test

8. Forensic DNA test

DNA text can be carried out using blood, hair, a cheek swab, nails and chewing gum. Genetic markers are used.

DNA facilities in Kenya

1. Biometrics institute on Kenya (KIBs)

2. Kenyatta National Hospital

3. Nairobi Hospital

4. American Embassy

5. Kemri

6. Lancet Kenya

7. EasyDNA Kenya

8. PathCare Kenya Limitedpicture courtesy

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