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Weight Loss: 3 Major Mistakes Women Make When Exercising

Have you been exercising, dieting, and watching your calorie intake but you are still not achieving your weight loss targets? There are a number of things that you might have overlooked or doing wrong.

For you to successfully achieve your weight loss targets, you need patience, hard work, and the right weight loss strategy. The is nothing as disappointing as putting in so much effort and getting very little or no results.

Here are three common mistakes that women commit when exercising.

Eating less food (not enough to promote muscle activity and development).

Taking food with low calorie, low fat, and low carbs may sound like the correct thing to do for you to achieve your weight-loss ambitions, but that is not always true.

You see, your body requires enough nutrients for it to recuperate from intense exercise sessions. Without enough food, your muscle activity and growth might be negatively affected.

Additionally, lack of enough food can slow down your metabolic process which can be detrimental to your weight loss plans.

When the body is deprived of its important nutrients, it begins to save energy for only essential functions (keeping you alive). Lack of enough food can also destroy your hormones.

A lot of Cardio with less or no strength exercises

Cardio exercises are known to promote heart health and therefore, it is crucial to incorporate some level of cardiovascular exercises into your fitness program. However, excess cardio (taking a lot of hours spinning, running on the treadmill, or working out on the elliptical ) not only slows down your metabolism but can also cause harm to your hormones.

Lack of a concrete workout plan

"Failure to plan is planning to fail" is a popular statement used by life coaches and motivational speakers to inspire people to realize their potential and achieve their best. The statement also applies to fitness and training, where random workouts or movements lead to random results.

Unplanned exercises will not help you achieve a toned body shape. For instance, if you intend to achieve a particular result e.g a flat belly, perfectly trimmed arms, or losing 10 pounds, you will need to eat the right food and do the right exercises to help you attain your desired objective.

There are various fitness programs and apps that are designed to help you achieve specific results. Note that, the best weight loss programs are the ones with moderate cardio sessions, pre-planned exercises, and a specific diet for specific goals.

Moreover, fitness programs that target fat loss in different parts of the body are more effective than the ones that target a specific body part.

It is almost impossible to lose fat in a specific body part and therefore if you were intending to squat and lunge your way to a well-developed, fine thigh, then you'll probably need to change your fitness strategy.

Always remember that; no sweat, no gain, and the only way to achieve your fitness goal is by putting in the work and adopting the right strategy.

All the best.

Content created and supplied by: David-the-Scribe (via Opera News )


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