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Skin Care

Medicinal plants and their benefits.

Some of the medicinal plants that cure different deseases.


Extract from the leaves of Avery familiar tree. It helps cure diarrhoea, constipation and dysentry.

2.Aloe vera

It is commonly known and one of most oldest medicinal plants in the globe. Aloe Vera juice is used in skin injuries. It allows faster blood clot.


Grows in clusters and look like money plants. It's seeds are antibacterial and antiflamatory that cure stomach problems such as ulcers.


Coriander leaves contain vitamin C and K, calcium and protein. It lowers cholesterol and cures mouth ulcers.

5.Curry leaves

It is used in weight loose and good for diabetics patient. It prevents unnecessary nausea.

6.Bay leaf

When boiled in water it is a good syrup. It can also be used to reduce and cure joint pain. It contain some essential vitamins needed by the body for example vitamin B. Bay leaf can also be put in tea.

Benefits of medicinal plants include.

1. There are no sides effects when natural medicine are used.

2. They are not expensive. The investment use to acquire medicinal plants is not huge.

3. Medicinal plants can be used by any person from any age group.

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