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5 Things TO Walk Away From if You Want TO Become A Milllionaire


1.    SLEEP – Sleep is good for your health but sleeping when not necessary will cost you a lot. The rich wake very early in order to start their day early, this allows you to work out ,prepare yourself for the day without using up your precious time.

2.    PROCRASTINATION- This is delaying what should be done needlessly. Procrastination is not only a thief of your time but of your destiny in life. For you succeed in life you MUST do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

3.    IGNORANCE- In the world we are living today everything is changing continuously and if you refuse to learn you will outdated. Learning does not end at school. When you find out that you are failing at something consistently pause and ask yourself if it’s out of ignorance. If you wanna do something make sure you acquire knowledge about it first Eg, If you wanna open a wines shop  and you know nothing about wines, no amount of determination will make  you successful.

4.    FOCUSING ON THE OUTCOMES ONLY- We are always eager to reach our goals fast however this eagerness overwhelms us and impatience arises. We need to learn that you can not achieve all things in a snap the learn to appreciate the  process , and concentrate less on the results. I believe the fun in achieving goals is when we look back at the process.

5.    EXCUSES- This one of the biggest dream killers if not the biggest. Instead of taking actions towards your goals you end making excuses when things seem bad. People make excuses like; I am not ready                                                                                                                 Let me wait for the right time                                                                                                                I can’t do it……                                                                                Things like this are bad for success, it is nearly impossible for success to come by with this kind of mentality. This sould STOP right away and start doings things , for you to be success full you should be willing to stay out of    your comfort zone.


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