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Early Signs Of Stomach Ulcers You Need To Know

Stomach ulcers is one of the stomach disorders that currently happens to affect a large number of people.

It's caused by a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

Signs and symptoms of a stomach ulcer.

In the early stages, some individuals do not exhibit any signs of the stomach ulcers and if they happens to show up the signs, here are some of the signs and symptoms that happens to be common in most individuals who have been diagnosed and found to have stomach ulcers.

1. Pain in the abdomen which feels like burning .

This pain is usually felt at the upper middle part of the abdomen specifically at the navel and the pain feels like a gnawing or burning and it may go through to the back.

2. Abdominal pain during meal hours.

This pain also happens to come several hours after a meal most probably when the stomach is empty.

3. Vomiting blood.

If you starts vomiting blood , this indicates that you're bleeding within your gastrointestinal tract and most probably inside the stomach as a result of an ulcer.

This symptom is chronic and one needs to seek medical attention with immediate effect.

4. Blood in the stool.

Though presence of blood in the stool may be as a result of some other infections , it's important to note that it may also be a sign of stomach ulcers.

The blood passed out in the stool may indicate bleeding within the stomach or inside the intestines as a result of an ulcer .

The above signs and symptoms are enough for today .

Let's meet in the next article as I'm going to share the other causes of stomach ulcer and how we can overcome them .

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