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Be Careful Telling People These Two Things About You

Scientist have proven that talking to people helps with mental health. Also survey shows that talking helps reduce stress and such people are not likely to fall into depression.

However, most people don't know that telling people these two things I'm about to tell you, can and will hinder your progress in life.

1. Do not disclose your ideas

It is said ideas are God given visions on your life. Your idea is said to be the only weapon you have towards your greatness.

Sharing an idea with someone, no matter how close the person is to you, could be dangerous because, they might discourage you, or go on and execute the idea before you do. When you have an idea, please work on it yourself, it’s your idea, not public idea. As a kikuyu saying says "not everyone is shown dreams."

From examples I have seen someone telling out their ideas and that person who was told goes a head does what the other person was to do before him.

2. Your good deeds to others

You may have heard that good deeds always attract good karma and that is very correct. And the time you start bragging about what you do to others you are just making it all about yourself, thus invalidating the good that you've already created.

I know you have seen this on today's social media where people brag about what they have done to others coating it with "motivating others".

In conclusion if by any chance you have been doing the above, don't beat yourself, just start thinking about how you’re going to be better from now on. And always remember it's not everyone around you has the best interest in their hearts on your life.

Content created and supplied by: Vicky_mwaniki (via Opera News )


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