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Here Is Why Most Men Die Early. Avoid These Behaviours If You Plan To Live Long

All around the world, men generally live shorter than ladies do. One reason that has been connected to early deaths in men is because they fear opening up and sharing their problems with other people. Men always see themselves as supreme beings who don't need any help from anyone but we all know that that is not true. Mwalimu King'ang'i opened up and revealed that most men have the fear of opening up.

He was speaking at Classic 105 when he opened up about this. "Opening up to an African is no joke. In Africa, you must talk till you cry, speaking to someone is not easy," he said. "Everyone has their own pressure. Sometimes you talk to someone and they go tell what you told them to other people. That is why most men die because of pressure," he added.

He confirmed this by saying that once a caller told him he could rather die than open up about his problems to anyone. It is always good to have a person close to you that you can speak to when you have some problem. This will help relieve you of some unnecessary pressure which in turn makes your life smooth.

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