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Do You Know Baobab? Here Are The Health Benefits To Your Body

Adonsonia is the genus name but is popularly called "Baobab" it's a deciduous tree that is commonly found in the Northern part of Ghana and Bokinfaso. It's botenical name is "Adonsonia digitata" . It's a well recognized tree in the Northern Regions because of it's food and health benefits . It usually bear fruit with fresh leaves in the raining season and shed it leaves in the dry season.


The leave can be eaten as leave vegetables (soup) or you can dry the leaves and pound it into powdered form popular called "coka' which can also be used in preparing soup. It contain calcium and highly rich protein that can easily be digested.

Baobab fruit is eaten raw or used in preparing pouriage and it contain vitamin C, Vitamin B6 potassium and phosphorus.

It is also rich in fibre which can slow down the rise in blood glucose.

Baobab fruit is also high in polyphenols which has been shown to effect the release of sugar from carbohydrate into the blood stream reducing their conversion into glucose.

The seeds can also be used in preparing soup, And can also be used to process and get oil .The oil is use for the body, thus it's reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also promote collagen formation boosting the skin natural elasticity and smoothness.

In addition it has antioxidants that help protect body cells from damage and also act as anti-inflammatory.


The seeds contain antinutrients such tannins and oxalic acid that can reduce nutrient absorption and availability. However the number of antinutrients found in baobab is too low especially if you follow a well balance diet rich in other whole food.

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