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Signs And Symptoms You Are At Risk Of Having Kidney Failure

Nowadays cases of Renal Failure have been on a much high end. Nowadays almost every hospitals that are offering dialysis services are becoming overwhelmed day by day. This is because of the increase in the number of patients with Kidney Failure.

Most people are not aware their kidneys are failing since it is a gradual process and symptoms may vary in each individual. It is therefore necessary to go for kidney check up at least once every year.

Below are some of the earliest Signs and Symptoms That Indicate Your Kidneys Are Failing.

1. You are always feeling Tired, weak, bored and you find it difficult to concentrate on your tasks.

2. When you start experiencing trouble when wanting to sleep and you can hardly sleep at night.

3. Your Skin may start appearing Dry and Itchy which is a symptom of dehydration and bone disease due to lack of enough minerals.

4. Presence of blood in Urine. This shows your kidneys are unable to filter blood cells and this should not be taken for granted.

5. Foamy and Dark Colored Urine. This is because of presence of protein in Urine.

6. Excessive Puffiness Around Your Eyes and Swollen feet. This may be because of fluid accumulation due to the inability of kidneys to filter out excess water.

7. When You experience poor appetite, fever and feeling lots of Nausea.

This symptoms should not be taken for granted and one should seek medical care ASAP.

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Foamy Urine


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