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Stop Calling "Gap Or Open Teeth" Here's The right Word To Say And Other Health Fact You Need To Know

"The more you learn new things, the more you remember the little you are aware," says one saying. And this is so since it is God alone who knows everything. And you must also continue to learn each day in the life, as the day you stop learning is the day you begin to die. And this gave us the right "Gap teeth" or Open Teeth name. 

These spaced teeth can occur anywhere in the mouth and occurred more in the upper two teeth. Many people have these gap teeth of the infant since their parents have inherited them, why some suffer from a disease, and why. Later on, as permanent teeth occur in infants, gap teeth may become closer. Some holes are hardly visible and some are tiny, which is why they are big.

Diastema is the right name for open or gap teeth Diastema is a disease in which the upper teeth have space. The void between bite and smear is ungulates and rodents (canines and incisors) (molars and premolars). 

Diastema is a better term for this form of body condition to describe open or gap teeth. 

Some diastema causes are

1. Frenum problems, such as

• developmental mouth defects • 

• Disruption of normal upper teeth development which results in a gap in the teeth 

• Ease during swallowing 

• Breastfeeding issues because of the baby's tongue or lip tie. 

2. Habit in children may also cause this, such as the use of pacipacifierssucking of the thumb. 

Can be healed

It depends if you need, but I recommend you leave it if it doesn't cause you to hurt.

So what is your opinion on this let us know

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Open Teeth


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