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Celebrity Anerlisa Muigai Shares a TBT Photo on Her Body Transformation

Body transformation is the act of exposing the body regularly through exercise and a certain diet to lose weight among other personal desires.

Celebrity Arnelisa Muigai who is the elder daughter of Keroche Breweries founder Tabitha Muigai shared an extremely impressive image about her body transformation. The image was aimed to inspire women who want to lose weight to never give up on their transformation journey.

Arnelisa opened up that she was not contented with her previous body size and did everything within her power in the gym for the magic body. She urged women to do all they can to attain the body they want.

On an image shared, one can see a plus-size body of Arnelisa Muigai before she enrolled in a workout routine for body fitness.

People should exercise regularly as it helps improve muscle strength and the cardiovascular system is able to circulate blood in the body efficiently among other benefits. Everything is possible when we get dedicated to achieving it by all means.

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Anerlisa Muigai Arnelisa Arnelisa Muigai


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