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What happens when one stops taking their ARV drugs for HIV/AIDS

HIV stands for human immune virus. Its a Virus responsible for causing AIDS. AIDS stands for acquired immuno deficiency syndrome.

The HIV virus normally attacks the CD4 cells. These cells normally help the body to attack bacterial and viral infections in the blood.

When these cells are attacked by the HIV virus they die and thus the immune system of a person becomes weakened. One will really take long to recover from an ordinary illness.

Major transmission methods of HIV include having unprotected sex with an infected person, blood transfusion from infected blood and a mother can transmit the virus to the baby during delivery.

ARV drugs are given for free at government hospitals to ensure infected people can easily access them.

The function of these drugs is to suppress the number of the virus in the blood and prevent the virus from multiplying.

Good adherence to this drug will make your immune system to become strong.

Poor adherence will give room for the virus to multiply and an increase in the number of virus in the blood will mean that more of your CD4 cells will be killed by the virus and you will have a weak immune system. Diseases will easily bring you down.

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