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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

5 Daily Habits That Turn Boys into Men.

1. Cooking your own meals

Everybody wants to be healthy. But the harsh reality is you can't purchase health over the counter. You've got to earn that healthy body by eating right.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

• Avoid fast food, drink lot's of water and cook organic foods. Best foods for men:

- Meat

- Eggs

- Vegetables

- Leafy greens

2. Exercise

It doesn't matter if it's an intense weight session, or a chill walk in the park. When you exercise, you're more alert, more energized, and you'll have a better attitude about work and everything else.

Regular exercise allows you to look and feel more attractive.

Best exercise for men:

• Hiking

• Running

• Lifting weights.

3. Live in the present

Today is a gift. Appreciate everything you have;

• Your family

• Your health

• Your experiences

When you realise everything you have, you feel more blessed, happier and joyful in life.

4. Meditation

There is probably no habit more important for a young man in the 21st century to establish than daily meditation. 

If you don’t learn to discipline your mind now, you can easily find yourself lying on your death bed reviewing your life.

Not only does meditation increase your willpower, but it also;

• Fights stress

• Boosts your resilience

• Improves your mental and physical health

Even just 10 minutes a day, can be life changing.

5. Plan your day

The power of planning lies in the perspective and control it provides for your life. It gives you broad view of the maze that must be navigated to achieve your long-term goals

And the ability to manage the small tasks that are essential to reaching those aims.

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