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Teenage Pregnancies? Who Should We Blame?

Is it poor parenting? Peer influence or technology? Possibly this is a question that one asks self after an encounter with teen girl pregnant. Recently reports have been all over of teenage age girls preparing for motherhood at a tender age. But one may ask who to blame for teenage pregnancies?

Parents and guardians have a major role in monitoring the behaviors of children both boys and girls and of major concy is the girl child because of his vulnerability. In most of our societies there are parents whom we can call 'dont care parents' . These are parents or guardians that doesn't care about the whereabouts of their children. A girl just walks away for her own errands without the knowledge of the parent. When she arrives home later, any information on where she has been is not sought. This behavior continues and with time some girls hooks up with there peers who introduces them to male-female relationships that later leads to sexual activities. By so doing the girls engages in premarital sex that leads to pregnancies.

Hard economic times have also contributed alot to teen pregnancies. Poor economic background among most families have rendered most of the teen girls vulnerable.Some parents are unable to provide for essential needs of their children. Some grown up males finds it as an avenue of getting the girls for their sexual satsfaction. The girls are now enticed with some sweet promises for their needs and give in since they are assured of their needs being catered for.

We're living in a dynamic world with growing technology. There is alot of information accessed online and on social media platforms. Some information given has also contributed to increasing teen pregnancies. Some sites have provided information on how to engage in sex without getting pregnant and even provided abortion as a solution to unplanned pregnancies. With all this information girls engages in sex knowing that there is remedy already provided.

It's now time for every individual in society to play his/her part in combating the rising teenage pregnancies and protect the girl child.

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