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Health Risks That Bed Bugs Can Cause To Humans

A bed bug is an insect that feed on human blood usually at night and hides in daytime. Bed bugs can get into your home in the following ways; From other infested areas or from dirty furnitures, luggage, purses, backpacks or other items placed on soft surfaces. They can travel between rooms in mult unit buildings which have bed bugs to those houses that don't have.

Today we shall have a look on health Risks that bed bugs can cause to humans. Let's go through them below.

1.Bed bugs can cause an allergic reaction when the bite and sack blood from the body. This is one of the serious health Risks as the feed on the blood which leads some people into severe allergic reaction after being bitten hence leading to life threatening situations.

2.Another health risk that bed bugs can cause is itchiness which leads to severe and continues scratching on the body. Also the germs and bacterias can enter on the wounds caused by the scratches which can cause infections.

3.These bed bugs can cause stress to humans as living in a house with bed bugs. This is the spread of these insects in high meaning that there will be a constant biting on the body at night. This may lead to a lot of emotional and enxiety to humans which may lead to health problems.

4.Last but not least, bed bugs can lead to sleeping deprivation due to numerous bite which makes a people stay awake all night leaving them exhausted during the day.

How can we get rid of these bed bugs?. Well it is simple to get rid of them if you consider doing the following, put all the beddings, curtains, linens and clothing's with hot water for 30 minutes and wash them with detergents. Fumigate the cracks on the bed with chemicals that kills bedbugs like Kungunill or use paraffin in all the places where bed bugs hide and repair these cracks.

Fumigation is one way of getting rid of bed bugs.

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