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If These Things Come Out When You Cough, This Is What It Means

Sometimes, people feel irritated in their throat and when they cough, a small stone like substance comes out of the mouth. These substances are white in colour and smell very bad. These stone like substances are called tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones form when food remains and bacterias in the mouth get trapped in the tonsils. When they grow big, they help in fighting infections that pass through the mouth by stimulating the body immume system which sends white blood cells in this area which helps to fight infections.

Tonsil stones trap other food remains and foreign things in the mouth. This way, they cause a very bad smell to come out of the mouth. Even though they are harmless to the human body, they can cause a lot of damage like tooth decay, dental infections and gum diseases. When the tonsil stones grow big, they cause bad breathe even after brushing teeth. They can be treated by visiting a dentist.

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