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7 Ways to Become a Dangerous Human Being.

1. Workout

If your body is fit and healthy , so will your mind . Also you will be able to handle stress much better.

2. Learn a Self Defense Sport

Not only it will increase your confidence , but also allow you to defend yourself. It will improve your physical conditioning and help develop self discipline.

3. Mean It

Do what you say , you are gonna do . People will pay attention when you accomplish your goals , believe in yourself and never give up.

4. Control how you react

If you allow people to trigger your emotions, you give them power over you.Choose wisely, who you give this power to.

5. Start a side hustle

Trading your time for a fixed hourly wage is a terrible use of time. Start looking for ways to make money in your sleep.

6. Create Solutions

Too many complain . Create a monetizable solution , sell it to complainers who then know how it's done.

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Mean It


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