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USA President Reveals The Only Tool That Can Be Used To Finish Off COVID 19

The corona virus that originated from Wuhan lab in China send the whole world into panic after killing millions of people across the global. This forced the world health organization teams to try and come out with a possible solution that would see the affected countries got saved from severe effects born by the virus.

Hand washing and wearing of masks was the first containment measure the health organization proposes. The virus still continued to spread despite the measures and this gave rise to manufacture of a possible vaccine that would ensure ones body get full immune against the virus. Possible vaccine have been found and many countries are carrying out vaccination.

According current United States of American President, the only tool available that will see the virus is kept at bay is through vaccination. He therefore urge those already vaccinated to reach those who have not so that they can also take vaccine inorder to eliminate the virus completely.

Kenyan government have so far vaccinated about three million kenyans and this shows a good progress by the government in combating the virus. Different types of vaccines are still being received in the country and it is therefore the responsibility of each individual to ensure that he or she gets vaccinated.

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