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Are you aware of what you eat?

Food is definitely one thing that we strive day and night to have in our daily lives. Of all the reason why you wake up every morning to work is to look for have some money to purchase food, because you are aware that without food you mostly wouldn't have a healthy life.

Personally I have always been a fan of food and that's why I pursued a course in foods, nutrition and dietetics in the university. Yes finding a job has been one hectic journey but the knowledge that I gained through out my university has definitely been helpful. For this reason I've seen the need to share such information with you the reader and transform your health for the better.

There are three main classes of foods that's we are aware of each playing a vital role in our bodies. They include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Mostly refered to as the macro nutrients. Carbohydrates are said to be the main source of energy for our bodies. The fats insulate our bodies and protect our vitals organs and the proteins are the body building components. We also have the micronutrients and vitamins.

All these substances have to be in a perfect balance for the boat to function normally. It's up to you now to understand that whenever you have your plate of food on the table, you need to have your vitamins in form of your green vegetables take half of your plate, a quarter of your plate should contain carbohydrates like rice, ugali, chapati just to mention a few and the other quarter a piece of either plant or animal protein or even a mixture of both.

That been said you always have to interchange how you eat. Avoid eating the same type of food to have variety incorporated in your life. If you follow this and make it as your daily food commandment you shall definitely have a nutritious healthy life.

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