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Dangerous Fruits That When Mixed Together Might Cause More Harm To Your Healthy

Fruits are the best source of nutrients and minerals that are essential to our body. We are advised to eat more variety of fruits since they contain good minerals and vitamin C which help your body to fight infections and diseases.

Many people mix fruits and blend them together and take as a juice and others cut many different fruits to make a fruit salad. It is good to eat different types of fruits but avoid mixing the acidic fruits like grapefruit and strawberries, or sub- acidic fruits like apples, pomegranate and peaches with sweet fruits like bananas for better digestion.

However, you can mix acidic fruits and sub- acidic fruits. In this article am going to share with you the type of fruits you not mix or blend them together since they might cause harm.

This fruits when combined can cause more harm than good to your healthy despite knowing that fruits are the best to consume. They should not be eaten or blended together because they might cause damage to the body, can even cause a negative corrosive that may damage the blood platelets.

Do not blend oranges and carrots when made as a juice may cause more harm to the body. Do not blend Pineapple and milk and drink them since they might cause harm to your healthy.

Do not mix any of this fruits that's papaya,lemon, banana, guava and milk and never mix Banana and lemon they might turn out to be dangerous you your healthy.

The above types of fruits should not be combined either in form of a juice since they might cause more harm to your healthy. Fruits which are too much acidic should not be mixed since when taken can cause more acid levels in the stomach leading to heartburns.

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