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Find Out What Different Colours Of Urine Mean

Natural colour of urine is always yellowish. Every time you must be aware of the colour of urine your body produces because some colours in urine can indicate some heath problems.

This article talks about different urine colours and what they mean:

1. Orange colour urine is an indication of dehydration. Therefore, this means that you must drink enough water daily.

2. When your body is infected with bacteria, the urine produced can either have blue or green colour. You should therefore seek medical attention.

3. Dark brown colour in urine always shows that you may have a liver related problem and you also have insufficient water in your body. Visit a doctor for medical attention and increase your water intake also.

4. Clear urine means that you take water in excess and so you are required to reduce the intake to what is enough.

5. When you take a lot of Vitamin B foods your urine will become yellow.

6. A urine that is appearing to be cloudy means that you can be having a problem in your kidney. This means that you should find the needed treatment.

7. Red colour urine can indicate that you have blood pigments in your urine. This means that you have a health problem and therefore you must seek a medical attention.

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