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Principles For a Good Diet That will Make you Grow Health

Diet is not just diet but instead it should follow certain principles and laws to be a good one for you and your body in general.

The following principles apply.

1.The principles of quantity.

Food eaten on daily basis should be enough to sustain your normal and general body functioning.

The food is enough when the organism performs its functions properly. Examples,



Do its occupation or work well.

Perform its mental processes well.

2.The principle of quality.

Diet should be complete and include all dietary requirements. Example.


Lipids (fats).




Mineral salts.

Roughages (Fibre content).

This is a general term for a balanced diet.

3.The Principle of balance.

The diet taken should have a correct ratio from various substances examples, Carbohydrates 45%,Vitamins 25%,proteins 20% and fats and lipids 8.50% and Fibre 1.50%. That's the best balance for your diet.

4.The principle of Adequacy.

This is to ensure you don't suffer from mulnutrition or lack of adequate food.

The food prepared or eaten should be enough and adequate for the all round functioning of the body.


Enjoy it by Dr. George pg 25.

Content created and supplied by: Daichi (via Opera News )


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