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Does Kenyan Tea Cause Immunity to Coronavirus?

Unconfirmed reports have emerged indicating that taking Kenyan tea could protect one from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

According to remarks by a top radio presenter and social media personality Aurther Mandela, popularly known as Xtian Dela, several Kenyans rushed to buy tea leaves after rumors circulated that they were a magical vaccine to COVID-19.

"This morning in Kenya tea leaves were selling faster than Coronavirus N95 masks and hand sanitizers," he said.

He added that the reports indicated that sugarless black tea was the preferred choice and should be taken before 7 am.

"A rumour started spreading that if you take sugarless black tea before 7am this morning, you will be immune to Coronavirus. People started buying tea leaves as early as 5 am," he added.

Would it be that simple to make one immune to a virus that has devastated the world and causing deaths of more than 30,000 people across the globe?

Some Kenyans had their say:

"How do you increase demand of your product? You make false claims. Exactly what's happening now," said Cornel.

"Indians take alot of tea, so why is there a lockdown there? That's just a rumour, not proven to work," added Langat.

"True research by Our Prof Chepkwony the Governor of Kericho County," claimed Sang.

"Apparently if i have to sell my stuff i just include COVID19 in it and boom," added another Twitter user.

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