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What You Need To Know About Depression

Depression and suicide are topics that are more widely discussed than ever thanks to the Internet, social media, and public figures and celebrities openly sharing personal experiences with mental health. It seems like suicides in particular are occurring at greater rates than ever, which many attributes to the fast-paced, high-stress lives people lead.

The fact that as a society we are talking about mental health more openly helps to combat the stigma and shame associated with disorders like depression and can even prevent incidences of suicide. When people feel like they can discuss mental health topics without being judged or stereotyped, they are less likely to hide their problems and more likely to seek help.

Treatment will reach those who need it when mental health issues are discussed as something very normal, very human, and an issue, most people will go through at some point in their lives.

depressed manDespite depression and suicide being finally given the public concern and attention it deserves, there is still a lot of confusion about the symptoms associated with these issues, and the different severity levels of depression.

And how depression progresses to the point that suicide becomes an option and an outlet for problems and life stressors. Many people may also have a lot of uncertainty when it comes to knowing whether the symptoms they have require more attention and care and are not just “stress.”

Most importantly, many people don’t know exactly what steps should be taken if they know they are depressed or are having thoughts of suicide. There is a lot of shame and guilt associated with having these feelings, causing many people to keep these thoughts to themselves.


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