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The Health Benefits of the Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a fruit of the passiflora vine.The fruit is a type of berry,round to oval with a yellow or dark purple colour at maturity.

Some health benefits of the passion fruit include;

*It contains vitamin C,an antioxidant which helps in fighting inflammation in the body, helps in the formation of collagen in the body and boosts the immune system.

*They contain Vitamin A which is important for healthy eyes,reproduction and immunity.

*They contain a lot of fiber which is important for a healthy digestive system.

*They are a good fruit for diabetics because they are low on the glycemic index thus they will be absorbed slowly into the blood stream hence blood sugars will be constant.

*Passion fruits contain alkaloids which can help keep blood pressure constant.

*They can help reduce the rate of cognitive decline as the potassium,folate and antioxidants in them have neurological benefit.

*The passion fruit is rich in iron which is important in keeping anaemia at bay,they also contain vitamin C which is important in iron absorption in the body.

*The calcium,iron,phosphorus,potassium in them can help keep the bones healthy and strong and prevent osteoporosis.

*The vitamin C and A in them fight free radicals in the body which are known causes of cancer.

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Passion Fruit Vitamin A


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