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Government Recommended AstraZeneca Reportedly Kills 7 People

The British Broadcasting Corporation has today reported that seven Australians who received the Covid-19 jab in Australia have died after experiencing blood clot in the body. This is a major setback for the World Health Organization and the manufactures of the doze which has for long been recommended to be used across the globe.

An extract from Tanzania Leading Website

This new development has raised more questions than answers on the effectiveness of the Jab which has continued to be administered across the globe with countries ordering them for their citizens. The WHO however has continued to reiterate that the jab is safe and this deaths could be as a result of accidents which can be forfeited.

According to the report, the victims suffered from “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis” which is a condition where blood clots in the brain leading to the death of an individual. Other countries that have reported such deaths include Germany, France and Canada. Kenyan government is yet to issue a statement on the same.

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